Chewie is one of my newer puppy clients. To say Chewie is cute is Chewie5very much of an understatement. When I first met him, he was 9 weeks old. He’s now coming up on 12 weeks and he’s simply a beautiful English Bulldog. [Read more…]


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. As a child, I used to dress Halloween1up as my favorite spooky character and trick-or-treat around the neighborhood with my best friends. As a grown-up, I’ve always loved seeing the neighborhood children come to my door all dressed up. I’m always amazed at how creative children are and how they are able to bring out the child in all of us. [Read more…]


I lost a good friend the other day. Jacquie was my first client. Her Jacquie3aparents wanted to have freedom to travel so they needed someone reliable who was able to take care of their elderly dog. I was hired to do the job. My lifetime experiences of taking care of elderly pets and people allowed me to meet this challenge head on. I knew what to expect and I also knew how the assignment would ultimately end up. [Read more…]

Dog Walks in Nashville can be Fun with the Right Management Skills

A lot of people I know who own dogs are reluctant to take their dogslunging dog2 on walks because of aggressive behavior. If a dog isn’t trained to behave, he/she wouldn’t know that aggression is bad and can result in accidents or injury.

Training a dog to walk without aggressive reaction is easier than you think. For instance, I have a client with two dogs. They’re both male and middle age. One is more dominant than the other. [Read more…]

Pet Sitting – Anyone can do it, right?

Professional pet business mentor, coach and consultant, Kristin pet sitting cartoonMorrison, recently wrote on her Facebook page about an article that recently appeared in the New York Times called, “Lost Dog and Other Pet Sitting Disasters.” It was a lighthearted attempt to portray ‘pet sitters’ as bumbling amateurs taking care of the neighborhood dog or cat. [Read more…]

Giving Your Cat A Pill – Relax! Anyone can do it!

You haven’t lived until you’ve tried to give a pill to a cat. There are a few things to consider before you attempt this daring feat. The first thing is, does the pill require food? Some pills require food in order to be effective. If not, then it means it’s up to you to administer the pill to the cat directly. The next thing to consider is, does your cat have front claws? If it does, you will need to protect yourself with either an old sheet or towel. And finally, how docile is your feline friend? The more docile he is, the easier the task. [Read more…]

Can People Food be given to Cats? You bet as long as it’s an occasional treat!

Can you feed people food to your cat? An occasional table scrap or cat eatingtwo won’t hurt kitty. Just make sure your kitty’s diet is nutritionally complete and feline-friendly. [Read more…]

What is my Cat Thinking?!?

Do you ever wonder what your cat is thinking? Well, cats have theirScaredy cat own way of communicating their feelings. For instance, I have two cats.  Fred (mostly) uses his tail to let me know how he feels. But Stumpy is a lot more vocal. His “meow” or “purr” will give me insight on how he might be feeling that day. [Read more…]

Diarrhea Dog!

When I got Skye (a Lab mix) 4 years ago, I noticed he had a very Toilet Dogsensitive stomach. What made matters worse, he was the type of dog that would sniff out dead critters or discarded food on the street, whenever we took our walks, and tried eating them. There were multiple occasions where I would stick my hand inside his mouth to pull out anything he grabbed so he wouldn’t digest it. [Read more…]

My Little Spirit Guide

I have two cats: Fred and Stumpy. Fred is a rescue I got when he Stumpy sleepingwas only 12 weeks old. He’s the one who thinks he’s a dog because he was, essentially, raised by my dog, Beau.

But this article isn’t about Fred, it’s about Stumpy. Don’t laugh, but if there’s such a thing as a “spirit guide,” Stumpy is it. [Read more…]