About Us

Why “Kisses Happen?”

Me - After

Me – After

Me - Before

Me – Before “Kisses Happen”

Because kisses do happen when we care for your pets! It’s in our DNA! My name is Janet Buchwald. I’m the owner of Kisses Happen. I’ve had dogs, cats and various other critters my entire life. I recently decided to retire from another business that I’ve had ownership in  for the last 14 years. I opened Kisses Happen for two reasons: I love animals and I love Nashville.

Over the years, I’ve done a lot of independent study on pets, particularly dogs and cats. I’m a generalist. When I pet sit, not only do I care for your animal’s immediate needs, I also take into account the physical, mental and spiritual. One of my objectives is to add to the pet’s overall well-being. If I see something that might cause concern, I will tell you about it. If I can add insight that will improve the overall life-quality of your pet, I’ll share it. If you have questions or have nagging problems that can’t be solved, I’ll help you solve them. There is a wealth of pet professionals and resources in the Nashville area that I make it my business to know their particular expertise.

My Family

Does Fred look like a dog to you?

Does Fred look like a dog to you? He thinks he does.

I currently share my home with a dog and two cats. Skye is a 100 lb., 4-year-old Lab mix but still acts as though he’s a puppy. I got him from a rescue in Canton, Ohio. Fred is 14 years old and from another rescue. Unfortunately, he has a serious identity crisis. He thinks he’s a dog. 

And finally, there’s Stumpy. Stumpy is a stray who wandered to my door 13 years ago. I fell immediately in love with him and he’s been with me ever since.

So, what does that have to do with you?

As a caring pet owner, I know one of the hardest parts of a vacation or business trip is figuring out what to do with your pets. I mean, it’s stressful enough with one pet, but what what if you have several? Worse yet, if you travel regularly, it can end up being even more nerve-racking.

Pets come in all types, shapes and sizes. Every single one of them has their own personality, needs and comfort level. You need someone who recognizes that fact and is able to care for them in their own environment.

BB Pictures 001

Stumpy has a “stumpy” tail. I asked him how he got it but he wouldn’t tell me.

Pets require consistency. Boarding is stressful, particularly for an older dog or cat; or an animal with separation anxiety, and set in his ways. Neighbors and relatives, who mean well, can sometimes be unreliable. Hobbyists or independent contractors are typically not licensed or insured. You really don’t know their level of professionalism. And cookie-cutter services simply don’t cut it. Their hiring standards are low.

Kisses Happen makes your fur-babies and other critters our business. We customize our services to fit your pets’ needs. Your pets are like our pets. We charge flat fees, which means, we’re spending less time charging for extra services and more time caring for your pets.