Giving Your Cat A Pill – Relax! Anyone can do it!

You haven’t lived until you’ve tried to give a pill to a cat. There are a few things to consider before you attempt this daring feat. The first thing is, does the pill require food? Some pills require food in order to be effective. If not, then it means it’s up to you to administer the pill to the cat directly. The next thing to consider is, does your cat have front claws? If it does, you will need to protect yourself with either an old sheet or towel. And finally, how docile is your feline friend? The more docile he is, the easier the task.

I recommend a pill dispenser, which can be bought in any drug store and some pet stores. Your veterinarian may also have a few on hand. The reason I like pill dispensers, it’s easier to push the pill back further into the throat. The last thing you want is to risk your life by giving your cat a pill and to have him spit it out.

If you have a friend who can help you, I recommend you get him or her involved. If not, you’re like most people. You’ll have to rely on yourself.

If you’re one of those brave souls, you can skip Steps 1-3. Personally, I never used a towel or sheet. If, however, I was administering a pill to someone else’s cat, I probably would go the extra mile to protect myself.

Step 1

Spread out the towel or sheet on top of a counter top or table.

Step 2

Place the cat on top of the towel. His head should be facing towards you. Stroke the cat to let him know that he’s safe and he’s with you. If you’re nervous, the cat will become nervous.

Step 3

Wrap the towel around the cat so his paws are inside, close to his body.  Make sure his head is sticking out. This is called a burrito wrap. It keeps the paws and claws out of scratching range.

Step 4

Place the wrapped cat on top of your lap. His face should be away from you. Hold the cat’s head with your left hand with your forefinger and thumb on top of his nostril area. Pinch gently to open the cat’s mouth. Your fingers should rest on either side of his cheekbones.

Step 5

Once the mouth is open, aim the pill over the back of the tongue. If you have a pill dispenser, stick the dispenser towards the back of his throat.

Step 6

Release the cat’s mouth and make certain he swallowed the pill. If you’re unsure, hold the cat’s mouth until he swallows. If he’s stubborn, stroke his throat and blow into his nostrils. This will trigger his swallow reflex. Follow the pill with water.

Fun, wasn’t it? I had to this to one of my cats’ every day for 18 years. I’m an expert at it. Soon, you will be too!

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