I lost a good friend the other day. Jacquie was my first client. Her Jacquie3aparents wanted to have freedom to travel so they needed someone reliable who was able to take care of their elderly dog. I was hired to do the job. My lifetime experiences of taking care of elderly pets and people allowed me to meet this challenge head on. I knew what to expect and I also knew how the assignment would ultimately end up.

To say Jacquie was a remarkable dog is an understatement. She had nearly 15 years on this planet earth and I’m sure hundreds of stories to tell. Her eyes showed a pool of wisdom and kindness. It was clear to me that she was loved dearly and was considered as important to the family unit as any other of her human siblings.

When I first met her, her parents showed me a tree that she would frequent to drink the rain water from its roots. Often when we walked, she would go to that tree to see if there was any water for her to taste. During our walks she relished sniffing every blade of grass, bush, and flower. Although she had arthritis in her back legs, she loved her walks. Every day I was with her she reminded me how lucky we are to appreciate the beauty that life showed us.

She was the most proud and dignified dog I ever knew. Jacquie did it her way because she knew best. Yes, she would consider my suggestions, but she knew what was best for her.

On her last day, she knew it was time for her to go. She would not or could not stand. I could see on her lovely face that she was tired living on earth and was ready for something better. Who was I to tell her she was wrong?

She will be missed by all who loved her including me. Jacquie touched my life. I will never forget her.

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