Chewie Update

I started working with Chewie when he was 9 weeks old. I fell in love with him the moment I met him. He’s friendly, inquisitive, stubborn and cute as can be! Even as a young puppy, he Chewie7immediately warmed up to humans. If he sees a stranger on the street, all he wants to do is to walk up to the person and greet him/her. He loves men, women, and children. He’s one of the most social dogs I know.

Now Chewie is approaching adulthood (he’s nearly 8 months). I’ve seen the subtle changes of adulthood creep in. He’s a lot more strategic in his thinking. (Yes, it’s possible for dogs to be strategic.) If he wants something, he’ll take the time to think about it first, then he’ll make his move.

He’s still stubborn. Trust me, if Chewie doesn’t want to take a walk, no amount of coaxing will change his mind. He hates the rain and cold. (He’s a true southerner.) And he hates being told to do something that he doesn’t want to do. But I’ve learned that with just a little patience, he ends up cooperating because what he really likes is to please you. He loves praise and he really loves affection!

His mommy, daddy and little brother are so lucky to have Chewie in their family. It’s all about the love. And this dog exudes it!

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