Buyer Beware – What you should ask before hiring a Pet Sitter

I belong to a national pet sitters’ group that shares a lot of Buyer Bewareinformation between its members. It’s a great group of people, who are exclusively professional pet sitters and dog walkers. All of the members own and operate their own businesses throughout the country. All are independent (small business). All are encouraged to be insured. And all have some form of professional training and will also undergo future training throughout their careers (certified and not) so they can give the very best care to the pets of their clients. [Read more…]

Good Food is #1 for a Happy, Healthy Dog

Safe ingredients in dog food doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s “good” dog food. Dogs need the right combinations of protein, fat, fiber and nutrients to live happy, healthy lives. The wrong combination of ingredients can lead to a host of problems, both physical and mental. Physical problems may include digestive, bloat, and inflammatory bowel disease. [Read more…]

Helping Your Pets Avoid Heat Stroke

Our pets can’t always be like Cujo and find a water bowl to keep us Dog in poolcool in the summer. Most dogs (and cats) aren’t as small as little Cujo. So, they’re more reliant on their owners in helping them to avoid heat stroke. [Read more…]

Inexpensive Remedies for Common Dog Ailments

When it comes to dogs and cats, I take a pretty holistic approach to health. My philosophy with otherwise healthy animals is, natural is always better. Particularly in the Nashville region, I’ve noticed that more and more veterinarians are giving their clients a choice between western and holistic medicine approaches to their pet care. [Read more…]